Unlike the majority of manufacturers, we are here to help our clients get through the entire process. We have access to thousands of fabrics from around the world with a library of many of them in our space. If you are looking for something that we don't have, we can find it. The design process goes hand in had with sourcing as the piece can be informed by the fabric or vice versa. We have worked hard to procure an amazing selection of fabrics ranging from Japanese Denim to Italian Cashmere and have worked with mills and developed relationships around the world. Learn More...



In Los Angeles, it can be difficult to produce when you're working with multiple people all around the city. Designs get lost in translation and it is difficult to get your ideas to show as you imagined. Our sampling and production facility is located on the second floor of our space and we have a full time sample sewing staff, cutter, and pattern maker in house. Since nothing leaves the factory, we can limit the amount of human error in the manufacturing process to almost none. Learn more...



Once your samples are complete we can help you go into production. Everything coming in and out of the factory is QC'd and counted in order to make sure that you get the product quality and quantity that you are expecting. Learn more...



ith our in house photo studio we have the ability to shoot all your white background product shots as well. We have everything you need to get to your product online and into the hand of your customer.